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Group Sound Healing Meditation @ BTC

  • Be the Change Yoga 947 Park Ave San Jose usa (map)

Please join us for an afternoon of Intention, Healing and Sound... Let go of what no longer serves you in a safe space of community.

When we support a person with a sound healing session, we work with intention and the natural frequencies of the body to encourage it to be in a harmonic state, or homeostasis. When we work with sound healing, we are able to speak to the body in its own language. We are able to connect with its natural rhythm and create a space for deep rest in the mind by working in a meditative state, which allows the whole body to rest and heal on a cellular level. Studies show that rest is an important part of any healing process, and that’s what we are able to achieve with this meditative state attained with intention and sound.

As humans move through their day, most of them experience some sort of stress. Maybe the person is running late or stuck in traffic. Maybe their boss is challenging to work with, or their kids are not cooperating. Whatever the story, many people experience feeling out of rhythm or not in the flow of life. When we are out of tune or in a state of stress or anger, studies have shown that physical symptoms can be created in our bodies. For example, when a person is in a constant state of stress, their body is in “fight, flight or freeze” mode which tells the brain, to tell the adrenals to release cortisol into the body. It is normal for this response to be activated occasionally, however, most people do not allow their bodies to return to normal levels after stressful events. When this happens, the person may experience adrenal fatigue and other health issues because the system is not in balance. The pattern of fatigue continues because the person does not make time to rest and allow the body to reset.

Exchange is $25 in advance. Please bring your yoga mat, pillow and blanket to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the session.


Jessica Neideffer became aware that there was more to her than just a physical body at a very young age. She experienced many health issues during childhood and almost died when she was fifteen from complications of Crohn’s dis-ease. After many years of doctors treating the symptoms with western medicine, she knew there had to be another way of being healed and healthy. After a profound experience at the age of 31, she realized there was a different way and that she was meant to support herself and others in healing on a deeper level.

Since this moment in 2007, Jessica began studying and practicing energy work and sound healing. She became more conscious of what her body was asking for and began working with Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and other Mentors to assist her in the healing process. Through her own research and life experience, she found that a combination of diet, exercise, and emotional healing practices was the key.

Jessica supports her clients by sharing tools and exercises as part of the personal development and healing practices she has refined over the years. She works with Reiki, Sound Healing, NLP, and different guided meditation techniques. She understands that each person moves through life issues in different ways, so she works with multiple modalities to assist individuals in their process, at their own pace. She works with them to BE healthy and realize their goals and dreams.

Jessica is living her purpose and is dedicated to supporting ALL in remembering their innate ability to heal themselves and change their life from within, one thought at a time.