What are Reiki & Sound Healing?


As humans move through their day, most of them experience some sort of stress. Maybe the person is running late or stuck in traffic. Maybe their boss is challenging to work with or their kids are not cooperating. Or Maybe they are holding on to emotions from traumatic experiences of the past. Whatever the story, many people experience feeling out of rhythm or not in the flow of life.

When we are out of tune or in a state of stress or anger, studies have shown that physical symptoms can be created in our bodies. For example, when a person is in a constant state of stress, their body is in “fight or flight” mode which tells the brain, to tell the adrenals to release cortisol into the body. It is normal for this response to be activated occasionally. However, most people do not allow their bodies to return to normal levels after stressful events. When this happens, the person may experience adrenal fatigue and other health issues because the system is not in balance. The pattern of fatigue continues because the person does not make time to rest and allow the body to reset.


When we work with sound and intention, we are able to connect in a non-verbal way to create a space for deep rest and healing within.


 How does it Work?

The Universe is an infinite organizing system. Sound is no exception. Through the science of cymatics we are able to see how the resonance of various frequencies (or speeds of vibration) affects the organization of particles. Like these sand particles, the cell particles in our bodies are attuned to positive vibrational frequencies, to provide relaxation and healing.

anno domini bowls.jpg
Music and sound have been proven to have profound effects on our behavior, attitude, and general way of being. This meditative state provides the mind a new focal point to work with so it is able to let go of what it might focus on regularly. When we are able to change the pattern, or what we are focusing on, we change the neuropathway that the mind usually follows. We allow the mind to practice something different which allows us to consider a new way of BEing and create a new habit.