Sound Healing + Reiki Sessions


All the experiences of our lives have made us who we are at this present moment. Every human desires to be loved, approved of, accepted, and we all want to feel worthy. However, most of us look to others to help us feel better about ourselves. We look to others for validation believing that the external is where the answers lie when in fact they are within each of us.

The journey of life is daring to go within, asking ourselves the difficult questions, and looking in the mirror when we are not at our best. The journey is remembering the authentic self, remembering who we are, and remembering that we are Love. The journey is challenging, but rewarding beyond belief. As it turns out, some seven billion souls have chosen to be here to have this human experience. Sound and energy work allow the challenging moments in life to be more fluid by re-harmonizing on a cellular level. In harmony, we have clarity and are able to see the patterns we practice. When able to see, we are able to acknowledge the experience allowing us to release anything that no longer serves or is limiting.


What Happens During A Session ?


Your customized session will begin with us talking and becoming aware of what you would like to shift out of, move through or invite in. We become aware of any patterns you may be practicing that no longer serve. We bring it to the surface. You then lie on a massage table, fully clothed and covered with a warm, cozy blanket for the sound healing portion of the session.

When we support a person with a sound healing session, we work with intention and frequencies to encourage the mind to quiet and the body to rest allowing a person to be in a harmonic state, or homeostasis. When we work with sound healing, we are able to speak to the body and mind without words. We are able to connect with our natural rhythm and create a space for deep rest in the mind, which allows the whole body to rest and heal on a deeper level. Studies show that rest is an important part of any healing process, and that’s what we are able to achieve with this meditative state attained with intention and sound.



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I believe everything is energy and that we are energetic beings. Our physical body is the vehicle we drive around here on earth. The energy or attitude we project out is exactly what we attract back into our lives. Be aware of the story you tell about yourself and others. Be conscious of your thoughts because they are what create our physical reality. Every person chooses their experience and there is no “right” or “wrong” in the process. There is no judgment. There is only the experience that person is choosing to have in that moment. Whether it resonates with you or not is irrelevant because you are only responsible for your thoughts and your actions. 

My personalized healing sessions support each person in bringing any limiting beliefs to the surface in order to process, release and heal. We work together in the highest integrity and at the pace of each client as they move through issues in their own unique way. We remember we are Healed and Whole.



Healing Session Testimonial

Jessica is a gift to this world. A natural born healer that can lead you in sound healing, but also guide with her grace, wisdom, and strength.

I have attended several of her sound healings during my time in San Jose and would highly recommend her. If you have any questions about sound healing, she is very informative and happy to help as well.
— Linda

Jessica has helped me with lowering my stress and finding my focus back in my life. My sessions with her helped me really feel a release of physical and mental tension and pain. Reiki is something i had some experience with, but the crystal bowl therapy she uses was new to me and it was an extremely helpful and calming experience.

She is very talented in her craft and brings a lot of insight to her clients. She gets really in-depth with you to find the root of the problem you are experiencing. Before she starts she explains the process to you, i felt very at ease going into the session even though it was a new experience for me. Afterward i truly felt as if a weight had been lifted off of me. I felt more light physically and in spirit.
— Phoenix

I have had the pleasure of healing with Jessica over the last eight months. She has a dynamic and unique gift for getting to the heart of what is going on energetically in your life and releasing what no longer serves you. Being able to do the work with her, each session feels empowering, and she gives you the tools to radically change your life. I’ve seen wonderful growth in my personal and professional life. My confidence, my ability to cope with stress and care for myself have tremendously grown through the sessions with Jessica. She has a powerful gift to heal others through sound & reiki and every session keeps deepening that belief.
— Kristina