Remember Who You Are

Sound Healing & Reiki in San Jose


Sound Healing and Energy Work support us in BEing Clear, Centered and Grounded in our daily experiences.


Āgada (अगद) - Meaning “Free of dis-EASE” in Sanskrit is the state we achieve when we let go of unsupportive energy (thoughts) to heal from within and remember we are made perfectly. Healed and Whole.

Sound Healing and Reiki Energy Work support us in BEing aware of unconscious thoughts and patterns that limit us from achieving our goals and creating what we desire in this Life.

The psychological and physical patterns these tools are able to support us in resolving are:

  • Releasing dis-ease, past trauma and emotional pain from the body

  • Reducing stress and anxiety + Increasing vitality, health & immunity

  • Facilitate Healing, Growth and Maturity through quiet contemplation

  • Cultivate clear vision and a new way to move forward with Grace & Ease

The journey of life is daring to go within, asking ourselves the difficult questions, and looking in the mirror when we are not at our best. The journey is remembering the authentic self, remembering who we are, and remembering that we are Love. The journey is challenging, but rewarding beyond belief.

How it Works

My reiki & sound healing meditations work with intention and sound (vibration) to encourage the body, mind and energy to be in a more harmonious state. When we work with sound, we are able to connect in a non-verbal way to create a space for deep rest within. I believe this space of deep rest is what allows human BEings to heal and feel well on a deeper level. Science proves that rest is an important part of any healing process or recovery and that’s what we are able to achieve in this meditative state created with intention and sound.



An ancient technique from Japan that harnesses the healing wisdom of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being.



The incredible healing power of sound with crystal singing bowls to clear stuck energies (i.e. anger, depression, frustration) and encourage harmony within.



Intention is the alchemist for any kind of change you wish to create. It is what we infuse with sound to create a space of deep rest for healing.



Unconditional Love and Acceptance are the foundation for ALL Human BEings to remember that they are Healed and Whole.


We are made of Energy

Our physical bodies (matter) are energy. Einstein’s theory of E=mc2 proves this... As energetic beings, we sometimes carry the energy of a trauma within our cellular make up. For example, over time, the energy of stress has been proven to cause physical symptoms of fatigue in people. Sound is able to help us BE aware of the root of these symptoms (emotions) by creating a space in the mind to see clearly what we are holding onto that no longer serves. We create a safe, quiet space to let go and allow ourselves to rest and rejuvenate our bodies.




My Book

“The Little Book of Tools”

The Little Book of Tools is intended to provide simple ways of shifting our attitude (energy) and thoughts during our daily interactions with others and our Self into a more loving, calm, centered space. As you practice the exercises in the book, you will notice not only a difference in how your physical body feels, you will notice a change in your relationships and environment. The tools are easy to use and if practiced impeccably, they work! Are you ready to invite more loving experiences into your life? Are you ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? If you're ready, then this book is for You!

You are Aligned, Centered and Grounded,
Deeply Rooted and Connected,
Healed and Whole.
As you always were and as you always will be,
Healed and Whole.

Love from my Clients

Jessica has a dynamic and unique gift for getting to the heart of what is going on energetically in your life and releasing what no longer serves you. Being able to do the work with her, each session feels empowering, and she gives you the tools to radically change your life.
— Kristina
Finding ways to sort through the noise of the outside world, and even more so, the noise inside our heads can be so very difficult. Jessica has an amazing way of bringing these things into focus through knowledge, experience, and a talent for understanding how to get through to each individual.
— Scott
I have never felt so comfortable being uncomfortable in my life. She creates such a safe space for me to open up and reveal the things that I don’t want anyone to see (limiting beliefs etc). I felt safe, loved, and empowered.
— Cheryl
Working with Jessica of Agada Energy Healing has given me new tools to overcome mental and emotional patterns/blockages that have led to stress, anxiety and burnout.
— Matt