Intuitive Healing Practitioner (IHP) Training | 1 Year Program

Intuitive Healing Practitioner (IHP) Training | 1 Year Program


ANCESTRAL CLEARING is required to begin this training.

Welcome to the practice of Finding Your Frequency! This is a training for individuals interested in practicing the movement of energy through a combination of different healing modalities, including Reiki and Sound Healing.

Since I began my healing practice in 2007, I have come to understand the importance of mastering one modality to create the foundation for said practice. We work with Reiki as the base because it provides symbols and focal points to easily re-focus the mind if it wanders. I also became very aware of the importance of learning and practicing other healing ways because our bodies resonate with different modalities at different phases of our journey.

The desired outcome of this training is for You to be aware of your innate abilities to heal your Self from within, one thought, one action at a time. Another is to be effective in changing your environment by seeing how you are participating in each experience. And as you begin to clear your own energy, you will be able to support others on their healing journey. We must work on healing our Self first, in order to provide this support to others.

I look forward to working with You!

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